Note: Corner lot have special conditions. (Refer to section 98-80 of the Land Development Code for details).


• For lot widths 100 ft. or less: 3 trees and foundation planting (2 of the trees in front, 1 Canopy & 1 Flowering, 3rd may be Small)
• For the widths 100 ft. or more: 4 trees and foundation planting (3 of the trees in front, 1 Canopy & 1 Flowering, 4th may be Small)


• Shade trees to be a min. 12ft. tall, 5ft. spread and 2 inches diameter. Trees shall be grade # 1 with a single, strong leader.
• Flowering trees size varies based on species.
• Palms to have a min. 6 ft. gray wood (mature trunk); Palms may be substituted for trees; however, three palms (clustered together) equal 1 tree. Only one tree may be replaced with palms.
• Approved tree list is available online or upon request.
 • Shrubs to be a minimum of 24 inches in height and 18 inches spread. 

Tree Removal

• Permit is required for trees/ palm over 10 feet tall; Permit fee is waived for single family home owners, residing on their property.
 • Black Olive trees will be considered for approval for removal provided the property meets minimum code requirement for trees. 

Sod, mulch, planting, staking

• St. Augustine sod and irrigation is required in the swale area or to the edge of waterline (max 30 ft.) if property abuts a water body.
• Mulch, at 3 inches thick is required in beds and within 24 inches of trees, (keep mulch away from trunk).
 • Permanent sod or approved low groundcover is required in all areas not structure, walk or driveway. This sod will require irrigation to survive; the groundcover will only need to be established. 


• An automatic irrigation system is not required for single family residential, however it is highly recommended to keep your sod and other plantings alive. 


• Trees under or near FPL overhead lines. Guidelines are available at the Landscape Division.
• Trees with large nuts, messy berries/fruits/sap or spines anywhere near the driveways or public sidewalks, like Black Olive (drops berries), Mahogany and Coconuts (have large nuts), any fruiting trees or pine trees (sap).

Questions may be directed to Harold Hoyte:  Landscape Architect, at

954.480.4206, or


Call SUNSHINE 48 hours before you dig to locate utilities

1-800-432-4770, ID# 8682