DFB Fish

Barracuda swimming by a piling

Blue Tang
Blue Tang profile shot swimming with a Porkfish

French Angelfish French Angelfish swimming.  Black fish with yellow dots.

Sergeant Major Sergeant Major - small fish with black and white stripes and a touch of yellow on top.

Scrawled Filefish  Scrawled Filefish facing camera with kissy lips.

Smooth Trunkfish Smooth Trunkfish - very odd shaped fish, it has kissy fish lips and is a black fish with white dots

Stoplight Parrotfish
Stoplight Parrot Initial - large scales that are brown and shimmery on top and a red belly.  The fis

Silver Porgy
Silver Porgy - school of silver porgies swimming by.  They have an unmistakable black dot by tail an

Triggerfish - more oval shaped with large top fin and bottom fin.  Gray in color and has spots and l

Cobia swimming towards camera in murky water

Atlantic Spadefish
Two Atlantic Spadefish swimming by the piling. The fish are white with black stripes.  They look lik

BlennyBlenny fish is protecting it’s home located in a small coral on the piling.  It has a white belly

Mangrove/Gray SnapperGrunt - Sailors Choice.  The body of this fish has reddish brown dots covering the silver body.

Lemon SharkEvening shot of a very large silhouetted shark swimming by the camera at a very close distance.

Black Margate
Black Margate fish swimming on bottom of ocean.

Blue Tang - Juvenile
Blue Tang Juvenile fish which is a yellow fish with a blue outline.

French Angelfish - Juvenile
French Angelfish Juvenile, black fish with yellow stripes that are starting to change to the yellow

Male Sergeant MajorNight Sergeant - small fish with black stripes

Dusky Damselfish - Juvenile Dusky Damselfish Juvenile eating from the reef.  Beautifully colored fish with a black dot on its ba

Porkfish Porkfish - yellow and white striped fish that is so colorful the contract between the 2 colors almos

Tarpon Tarpon - large silver fish swimming around piling.  Tarpon have large scales and this particular tar

Rainbow Parrotfish
Rainbow Parrotfish - beautiful iridescent scales, the front of the fish is more of a red hue where t

Yellow Jack
Yellow Jack - silver fish with yellow tail and fins.

Gray Snapper
Gray Snapper fish - has a blackish gray stripe over its eye which runs from its nose to its back acr

Stingray flying by on the bottom of the ocean. Stingrays have fins that look like wings and a whip l

Spanish HogfishSpanish Hogfish which is yellow in color with a purple top.  This fish has humanlike teeth.

Loggerhead TurtleTurtle - Loggerhead, close up shot of turtle swimming to the piling.  It is brown in color.

Scad Bait FishScad Bait Fish filling the entire screen up with hundreds of these tiny bait fish.

Bluestriped Grunt
Bluestriped Grunt swimming towards camera with mouth open.

Chub - Bermuda / Gray, 3 chubs swimming one facing camera the other 2 fish showing their profile.

Chub - Spotted or Topsail
Chub - Topsail or spotted, they are light tan in color with multiple white spots all over the body.

Lookdown fish.  This is a silverly flat fish who is looking at the camera.

Porcupinefish swimming towards camera.  Porcupinefish is an odd shaped fish and has black polkadots

Yellowbelly Hamlet - small blue and yellow fish that is like a gradient across the fish starting at

Orangespotted Filefish
Orangespotted filefish - dark brownish fish with yellow vertical stripes that carry through to its f

Porkfish Juvenile
Porkfish Juvenile - more of a white fish with 2 black stripes running down vertically - one of top a

Sheepshead - black and white striped fish.  In this picture there are several swimming around the pi

Snook - far shot of the snook swimming around the piling.  This fish has more of a pointed nose and

JellyfishJelly fish are hard to see because they are transparent, however a dark piling is in the background

Spanish Mackerel
Spanish Mackerel - two mackerels swimming by the pier piling at a distance.

Green Sea TurtleGreen Sea Turtle diving down head first past the camera.

Atlantic Bumper Bait FishAtlantic Bumper Bait Fish - a school swimming together to form a giant mass of darkness with several