Deerfield Beach Cams

Spinner the Sea Cam - cartoon robot with a glass dome head that mimics the underwater camera.


Welcome to the amazing view of the Deerfield Beach Blue. Spinner the Sea Camera sits at the bottom of the city’s landmark fishing pier, which stretches out over the ocean at nearly 1000 feet from the shoreline. Spinner’s home is located in 30-feet of water, on the pilings of the pier. Our crowning jewel is packed daily with fishermen anxious to take a bow to a tarpon or pick a fight with a feisty Barracuda. Be prepared when you tune in to catch a glimpse of everything from a parrotfish posing for Spinner the Sea Cam, to sharks or even playful sea turtles.  During the winter months, you might even see Jellyfish bouncing around the neighborhood. You will be mesmerized by the variety of multi-colored reef fish wrestling for the spotlight.  The view of the DFB Blue will easily provide moments of zen to your day, but we hope that this awesome wonder will serve as a reminder that we all have a responsibility to take care of the ocean and everything in it. Be wise and do your part to keep the ocean and its creatures free of plastics and other harmful materials. Deerfield Beach… more than just a pretty beach!

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DISCLAIMER: The cameras are monitored Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM. If there is a problem after hours, it will not be resolved until the next business morning. Additionally, the globe wiper rests in the camera’s view occasionally, should this occur after hours rest assured it will eventually move out of view. 

REMEMBER: The underwater camera is located at the bottom of the ocean and is subjected to the natural elements of the sea like heavy wind, strong current, storms and heavy rain, and substantial wave action due to its location in a high surf zone. It will go down on occasion or become glitchy on certain days. The natural elements will also dictate what direction the camera faces. This equipment and your view are at the mercy of Mother Nature. 

Please be patient and kind with your comments and emails. 

We hope you enjoy the view into the Deerfield Beach blue! Our City Beach cameras showcase our surf, sand and sea. Please note that weather conditions will affect camera visibility. Enjoy the view! 

Disclaimer: It is prohibited to swim and dive around or under the International Fishing Pier.
Sec. 50-112. - Municipal/public beach regulations.