Teen Center

The Teen Center is a unique facility for teens to learn and have fun! We offer a variety of exciting programs throughout the year such as DJ/Production and Concept to Creation (Please see our programs tab for details). Our facility offers a computer room, game room with flat screen TV and pool table, equipment for vinyl heat press and embroidery, a music studio and more!

We believe in youth's ability to have a powerful impact in their community. We want to help them find their voice or build it. We had a teen express she felt underestimated by society. Instead, we want them to feel capable and important. Here, we give teens the space to thrive and feel supported. When asked why she comes to the Teen Center one of our regulars said, "I come to experience new opportunities, to help myself and to be with my friends" while another youth expressed, "This is a place where I can relax and get my work done...like yesterday I had to get my project done and completed it here. And also you guys are nice." So, whether you need help with homework, filling out a job application or community service we are here. If you would like to have a tour please give us a call and don't forget to come with a parent/legal guardian. Applications available at our facility and membership is free.