Applications, Forms & Permits

The Broward County Uniform Permit Application will be required in all jurisdictions within Broward County on April 1, 2016


Building Permit Application 
Building Permit Fee Schedule
Building Permit Corrections Form
Building Permit Revision Form
Contractor Registration Form
FBC Special Building Inspection Form 
HOA Affidavit Form
Notice of Commencement
Owner Builder Affidavit
Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act


Electrical Permit Application
Electrical Permit Fee Schedule
30 Day Electrical Power for Testing Application

Energy Code (Residential)

Blower Door Test (New 12/31/17)


Landscape Permit Application
Tree Removal Permit Application


Mechanical Permit Fee Schedule
Mechanical Permit Application 
Mechanical Permit A/C Data Sheet



Plumbing/Sprinkler Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Fee Schedule
Rainwater Harvesting Permit Application
Water Heater Replacement Form


Roofing Application & Forms
Truss Review Form


Towing Sign Application

Windows and Doors

Wind Breaker/ Vinyl or Acrylic Enclosure Homeowner Affidavit
Egress Opening
Product Approval Review Form
Windows and Doors Permit Requirements
Wind Load Chart

Misc. Forms and Links


A Quick Guide to UL's Online Certification Directory
Blower Door Test (New 12/31/17)
Certification of Occupany/Completion Checklist (Revised 12/31/17)
Chain Link Fence Specifications
Checklist for Docks
Contractor Registration Form
Demolition Permit Requirements
Hold Harmless Letter (For Change of General Contractor)
Hold Harmless Letter (For Change of Sub-Contractor)
Elevation Certificate Information 
Fence Permit Requirements
Florida Building Code - Broward County Amendments
Florida Product Approvals
HOA Affidavit Form
Permit Application Checklist
Public Records Request Form
Residential Driveway Requirements
Residential Generator Permit Requirements
Residential Generator Code Requirements
Residential Single Family Setbacks
Shed Permit Requirements
Shutter Detail Information
Solar Owner Notification
Solar Permitting Checklist
Utility Easement Form